Proper Shoes for PE

Health and Fitness Teachers

Greg Fisher

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Charlie Skinner

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Why we require proper footwear in P.E.

For students own safety when coming to PE the expectation is that students are wearing appropriate shoes as it is essential for physical activity. Sometimes children's footwear is chosen based upon what is aesthetically pleasing rather than what is best for safety and efficient movement. Style is often the major reason a particular pair of shoes is purchased (French, Kinnison, & Silliman-French, 2009), and are often not suitable for physical activity.

Athletic tennis shoes are built to provide support to your foot and ankle during physical activity, and as a result they help reduce the risk of fractures and sprains while active. We sometimes see leg, ankle and foot injuries that could have been prevented if proper athletic footwear had been worn. Please understand that the necessity of wearing proper shoes is 100% instruction and safety driven.

Running shoes, basketball shoes, cross training shoes, and tennis shoes are ideal in a physical education setting. While Skateboarding shoes are not ideal for physical activity they are acceptable in P.E.

What an ideal PE shoe looks like:

-Shoe fits the foot, not slipping out

-Shoe has a back whereheel is not exposed

-appopriate bottom where running will not hurt the foot.

With you in the long run,

Mr. Payne and Mr. Fisher