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Students have the option to keep a fitness journal for any extra sports activities that they do outside of class. This can only be used to make-up any absent daily performance days. Each activity must be a minimum of 30 minutes in duration to log it in on this sheet. Twenty-five points will be given for each completed activity. There is a maximum of ten activities for one fitness journal, which will earn 250 PE Points for a completed journal. Only one fitness journal can be turned in for the FIRST QUARTER. Listed below are some sports and activities that promote enough aerobic conditioning to count for a fitness journal entry. If you have a question regarding an activity you do, simply check with Mr. Fisher or Mr. Payne.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming laps, dance classes, racquetball, tennis, snow skiing,

Cross country skiing,snow boarding, soccer, football, wrestling, volleyball, hockey, skate boarding, badminton, gymnastics, track & field, aerobic walking, aerobic exercise program,

Ice skating, in-line skating, crew, mountain biking, competitive cheerleading, judo, and fencing.

Turn this form in on or before the final day of the FIRST QUARTER, Friday, November 6th to earn points toward their FIRST QUARTER grade. Fitness journals may only be turned in with no less than 5 entries.

Date Activity Location Distance or Duration Time of Day Parent Initial

A minimum of 5 entries are required in order to turn in this Fitness Journal

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Mr. Payne/ 566-5660-5032 /[email protected] Mr. Fisher/ 566-5660-5032 /[email protected]

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