PE Contract


I. Expectations/Rules/Procedures

A. Clothing

- Supportive athletic shoes with laces tied tight and socks on; no sandals or flip-flops.

- During cold weather, students are encouraged to bring an outer layer of clothing.

- Shorts, jeans, or loose fitting sweat pants.

- Students may not be allowed to remain in PE if:

BOYS - have pants below their waist

GIRLS - have pants below their waist or shirts exposing their cleavage or midriff

B. Procedures

- Enter the gym appropriately and sit on your assigned spot

- We will then take attendance, warm up and conduct class.

C. P.E. Rules

- Be on time.

- Follow all school rules.

- Enter and leave appropriately.

- No Food, drink or gum in the gym at any time.

- Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

- Freeze on a "double whistle".

- Demonstrate a positive attitude and positive sportsmanship at all times.

- Respect all staff, students, surroundings, and equipment.

- Have fun . . . respectfully and responsibly.

- Always give your best effort . . . every way and every day.

II. Grading for Daily Performance

A. The following is an explanation for the value of each daily performance grade.

25 pts = A ...perfect participation for today

21 pts = B- ...written assignment done instead of active participation in PE.

21 pts = B- ... arriving late to PE. Class without a written note

18 pts = C- ... opening routine done poorly, wrong, or with little effort

16 pts = D ... not following directions or talking during teacher&'s instructions

16 pts = D ... not fully participating in today&'s activities

16 pts = D ...not wearing proper clothing/shoes - shoes not laced properly

16 pts = D ... drinking, eating or chewing gum in the gym

14 pts = F ...demonstrated poor sportsmanship during today&'s games

14 pts = F ... individual redirection needed

14 pts = F ... foul language used during PE. Today

12 pts = F ... cheating during today&'s games

6 pts = F ... aggressive and/or rude behavior

0 pts = F ... student removed from PE because of constant disobedience or dangerous behavior

B. Daily Performance Grade:

This is made up of the ten Drum PE rules. Modifications will be considered for illness and injury, however, participation is essential. Non participation results in not earning any points for the day and a written physical education assignment will be given in lieu of active participation. Written assignments are only worth 21 points (B).

*A student may not receive an A grade in PE if they do not fully participate during class.

III. Graded Activities: (10 points each)- Circuits, games, skill tests, progress reports, and any other written work.

IV. Fitness test: (10 points each) - mile run, Pacer test, push-ups, curl-up, trunk lift, flexed arm hang, sit and reach and shoulder flexibility. All of these components are tested in accordance with the Fitnessgram, a national education assessment.

V. Fitness Journal

- One fitness journal can be completed and turned in before the end of each quarterly grading period.

- One journal entry is at least 30 minutes of an aerobic activity. A parent is required to initial each journal entry, and sign the bottom to verify the aerobic activities were correctly done.

- A completed journal is worth 250 Daily performance points. It can only be used to make up for the loss of any in-class activity time.

- A minimum of 5 journal entries are required on a Fitness Journal form in order to turn it in.

- Fitness journal forms can be found on the storage room door in the gym.

VI. Absent

A. Missed days

- Missed days will greatly affect a student&'s overall grade. Modifications will be made by the teaching staff to accommodate an injured or ill student. A parent note will ensure this procedure for the short term.

- Fitness journals must be used to make up for the loss of any in-class activity time.

Please direct questions or concerns to Mr. Fisher and Mr. Payne: 566-5660 PE. Voice mail 5032

E-mail address: [email protected] and [email protected]


Please tear on the dotted line and return the bottom portion. Keep the rest of the contract for your records.


Please sign and return the bottom portion of this physical education contract. This signed contract is a graded activity and is worth 10 points.

________________________________________ (student) ____________ homeroom teacher

________________________________________ (parent) __________________ date

"I have read the Drum Physical Education contract with my son or daughter and understand the expectations of the class."