Washington DC Trip Information

U.P. to D.C 2020!Marching soldier
(Trip is not sponsored by U.P.S.D.; the district assumes no responsibility for this trip)


When: Spring Break 2020, April 5-9, 2020

Where: Washington D.C., Jamestown or Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia and Williamsburg, Virginia

Who: 6th and 7th graders who attend Drum or Narrows View Intermediate School.

Why: To experience history come alive! Students will have the opportunity to visit and see the Capitol building, The White House, Mt. Vernon, The Vietnam Memorial, the Smithsonian Institute, Williamsburg, Jamestown and many other important landmarks and memorial sites in and around Washington D.C.

Funding Options: Scholarships are available through outside organizations.

Registration Information: Organizational Meeting, October 8, 6 pm @ Drum, Room 13

Contact Mr. Shaw @ [email protected]