6th Grade Camp Behavior Contract

Students and parents will read and sign this document during conferences. You will be able to keep a copy for your records.

Child's Name _________________________ November 2013

Attending sixth grade camp is a privilege. Because safety is our primary concern, adhering to Drum and Camp Seymour rules is mandatory. In order to be eligible to attend sixth grade camp on May 12, 13, 14, students must maintain appropriate behavior throughout the year.

The following consequences may result in camp ineligibility:

- multiplelunch and/or after school detentions

- in school suspension

- out of school suspension

In addition, any student at camp who fails to follow school and camp rules may be sent home without refund. In the event that a child must be sent home, parents are responsible for their child's transportation from camp regardless of the time.

I understand and agree to the terms of camp attendance.

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