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About Drum

Drum Beliefs

We at Drum believe:
Everyone contributes to a caring, civil and safe learning community by following common behavioral expectations. Intentional instruction creates quality learning opportunities. Expectations of trust, responsibility and respect build character. Diversity brings multiple perspectives, therefore adding richness and strength to our school community.

Drum Mission:
Therefore: In a safe, civil and caring environment our Drum Intermediate School Mission is to develop respectful, responsible, lifelong learners.

Principal: Kari Ferguson

Assistant Principal: Tanisha Carter

Enrollment: 630  students

Academic Goals (SBA):

Reading: 86% for 7th Grade

Math: 70% for 7th Grade

Writing: 93% for 7th Grade

Plans/Programs to Achieve Goals:

  • During the school day, math and reading specialists work with identified students, and after-school support is provided, including Targeted Assistance Programs in math and reading, after-school Homework Club, and the Kid Coach tutoring/mentor program.
  • Lunchtime interventions and homework support are available.
  • A common intermediate master schedule has been developed that maximizes instructional time for students.
  • Professional Learning Communities: groups of teachers meeting regularly to deepen their understanding of effective instructional strategies to increase student achievement.